Tear Sheets: Village Voice

I was recently commissioned by the Village Voice to photograph the guys behind the amazing podcast, Pod Save America. Hosted by Jon Favreau (former Obama speech writer) Tommy Vietor (former Obama NSC spokesman) and Jon Lovett (former Obama/Clinton speechwriter - screenwriter)

And did I mention - they’re all younger than me!

And if you’re like me - and feel pissed off about what’s happening with the Trump administration - then you definitely need to subscribe to their podcast - it’s been cathartic listening to these guys - they’re smart - and freakin’ funny so it’s been a needed escape.

12 Hours in New York


I was in Pennsylvania all last week on a commercial gig.

I wish I could show some BTS images - especially the ones of me wearing both a hair and beard net 😖 but we had to sign NDAs and couldn't even carry our phones on us at the 4 separate locations we shot at.

Let's just say these were the biggest building I've ever seen - literally in the hundreds of thousands of square feet. So yeah, we were pretty tired at the end of each day. That said, we had a great time. Got to shoot alongside someone I truly respect and had a great client so other than sore legs ❌it was cool.

 Rainy days in PA while driving to be set.  

Rainy days in PA while driving to be set.  

Then, on our last day, the producer drove us to #newyork to stay over for one night - but flying out the next morning. Ahhhh! I haven't been to NY in a few years and then I finally get a chance to go and 1. It's for only 12 hours and 2. We arrived around 9:30PM so most of that time was in the middle of the night.

But I didn't let it stop me. After dinner I started all of my final backups and headed out and just walked for miles late night. It was awesome - and freakin cold. And then I got up super early the next morning and did the same thing. And even met up with a good formed for #coffee before heading to the airport.

I freakin love NY. But my body definitely prefers west coasts temperatures.